To become an experienced lecturer in visual arts, architecture and design and to continue my established career as a visual artist and photographer, with more than 20 years of international experience. My driving ambition is to further my teaching career while pursuing my multi-disciplinary visual artistry.

2014 PhD RMIT University.
2006 Master of Professional Studies in Interactive Telecommunications, New York University
2004 Bachelor Degree in Literature and Hispanic Language, CIDHEM University, Mexico
1994 Certificate in Fine Art Photography
Active School of Photography, Mexico
1991 Studies in Fine Art
IRBAC, Mexico

2015- 2018- Current Universidad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos
full-time researcher and lecturer in the Faculty of Architecture.
Providing introductory instruction to student regarding drawing, representation of architectural plans, photographic production for a variety of media and contexts.
Lecturer in drawing, design, photography and working as a supervisor of final projects and thesis.

2007-Deakin University
Lecturer (Sessional)

Deakin is one of Australia's leading universities and was awarded a 5-star rating by the prestigious university ranking organisation Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). The University is ranked 66 in the world in the Times Higher Education Top 100 Universities under 50 years of age rankings (2013). As a Sessional Lecturer in Photography within the School of Communication and Creative Arts, responsibilities involve the delivery of a number of photography classes within the media, arts and digital imaging areas.

Key achievements and experience:
• Formulating key sections of the syllabus for the class ‘Imaging for Media’, effectively introducing student to photographic production. Providing introductory instruction to student regarding photographic production for a variety of media and contexts. Persuading students to develop professional photographic productions for scenario clients. Addressing various areas, including: photojournalism editorial photography, advertising, magazine layouts, self-promotion and professional agencies and memberships. Discussing the use and relevance of new technologies for production, distribution and social networking. Highlighting the advantages of microblogging and debating the professional possibilities of broadcasting platforms and the current issues and trends facing photography.

Result: Facilitated student demonstration of knowledge, theory and practice of photography and photojournalism. Many students subsequently worked professionally in the photography, design and communication industries.

• Guiding student exploration of the creative possibilities of simultaneously working with digital media and software. Assisting students in the discovery of various possibilities of working with sophisticated graphics and photograph editing programs. Familiarising students in the use of DSLR cameras and advanced Photoshop and Illustrator software. Teaching students how to develop a range of skills including: basic digital photography, image retouching, colour correction, use of layers and masks, the scanning of reflective and transmissive materials, preparation of images for screen-based viewing and print, conceptual and creative photography, typography and the relationship between text and image; and various aspects of critical and intellectual analysis. Result: Students were able to deliver digital compositions which effectively demonstrated technical and conceptual competence.

• Delivering the ‘New Worlds: Physical and Digital Intersection’ course, facilitating student production of experimental interactive artworks. Enabling student use of computer-mediated and sensor triggered events in installation performance. Teaching students how to successfully utilise the interactive software Isadora, including simultaneous connections with several sensors. Allowing the production of various experimental interactive artworks which were able to be modified in the presence of a viewer or users. Result: Students developed familiarity with new media and interactive technologies.

• Providing students with an introduction to photographic practice and camera handling techniques in the 35mm format. Illustrating the operation of a 35mm camera, increasing student familiarity and proficiency. Guiding student study of the work of Australian and International photographers, with consideration to both historical and contemporary practice. Introducing a single lens reflex (SLR) camera and facilitating student understanding of camera controls. Explaining how to use camera controls, including how to deliver exposures and good composition. Result: Students learned how to use various camera features in a creative and professional way.

2008- 2013 Centre for Adult Education (CAE). Melbourne.
Lecturer (Sessional)

CAE exists to provide learning to the Victorian community through a wide range of programs and services funded by Government. As a sessional lecturer I specialised in teaching digital photography and digital image processes and introduced the technique and methodology in this area to assist beginner students to familiarise themselves with the tools,
Landscape Photography course introduced participants to the beauty of our natural world and provided straightforward and relatively inexpensive solutions to many of the technical problems associated with landscape photography.

Photojournalism for Photographers introduced photojournalism through practical instruction, lectures and projects. Students learnt about equipment and how to use the controls in their cameras, and how to distribute and sell their work.

2009- 2010 JMC Academy

Lecturer (Sessional)

JMC Academy remains Australia’s leading creative industries institution, offering degrees and diplomas in music, audio engineering, film and television production, entertainment business management, 3D animation and game design. Key duties involved the delivery of four classes, including: How to Write and Illustrate a Graphic Novel; Introduction to Digital Animation; A History of Visual Art; and A History of Animation.

Key achievements and experience:
• Introduced students to the visual storytelling and narrative structure of the graphic novella. Delivered a series of interactive classes and effectively utilised a variety of videos, multimedia games and visual presentations. Enabled students to develop familiarity with the history of the graphic novel and the range of techniques employed in their production. Assisted students in the development of characters, themes and plots, stories and sketches. Guided students through the creation of their own graphic novel. Result: Students successfully wrote and illustrated a graphic novel which employed various traditional and digital tools, including Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop.

• Facilitated student investigation of significant art periods and defining key characteristics as part of the ‘History of Visual Art’ course. Designed an appropriate program and supervised a range of interactive and multi- media games. Increased student engagement and motivation. Led a number of Question and Response sessions which heightened student participation and stimulated the learning process. Result: Students were encouraged to perform independent research and presentations as part of the program. Students fully interacted in the class and developed a genuine interest in the history of art.

• Successfully taught the unit ‘A History of Animation’, providing an overview of related art history. Developed the structure and contents of a series of art history classes. Created an alternative learning methodology which incorporated research, historical contexts and new technologies. Formulated a series of interactive games which utilised videos, sounds and animations to explain complex historical periods. Result: The Unit provided students with a basis for subsequent subjects at the Academy.

• Supplied students with an overview of digital animation through the ‘Introduction to Digital Animation Practice’ subject. Prepared students for digital animation practice through the examination of fundamental computer operations. Introduced students to the skills of visual storytelling and the development of observational and technical drawing skills. Delivered a range of intensive drawing classes which utilised several drawing methodologies in the creation of sketches and story boards. Demonstrated the utilisation of a range of software and provided students with the necessary tools to create their own work. Result: Students were able to create a series of animations which demonstrated the skills learnt.

2007- 2008 The Autonomous University of Morelos State (UAEM)

Lecturer (Sessional)

The Autonomous University of Morelos State is an institution of higher education, with headquarters in the city of Cuernavaca, Mexico. It is the largest university institution in the state, with over 67,500 students. Main tasks included the supervision of and delivery of lessons to all final year students undertaking the Advanced Multimedia Special Course; and the provision of guidance to students in the completion of final projects.

Key achievements and experience:
• Supervised students in the completion of their final projects for the Faculty of Arts. Assisted students in the successful completion of their final thesis of practice-led research. Provided supervision and direction to students as required. Result: Assigned students completed their final projects and theses. All students graduated the course to a high standard.

Platforms: PC and Mac / Software:
Photoshop CS
Photoshop Lightroom
In Design CS
Illustrator CS
Final Cut Pro
Microsoft Word
Microsoft PowerPoint Cumulus
Flash. Basic Dreamweaver Flash
After Effects
Garage Band
EndNote X6
Omni Graffle Professional Prezi

English – fluent
Spanish – fluent


1989- Current Aeromexico Airlines
Freelance Photo-Journalist

Aeromexico is the flagship airline of Mexico. The airline produces a number of inflight magazines, including Escala, Clase Premier and Gran Plan. In contributing to these inflight publications, key duties involved: direct communication with a variety of stakeholders, including the media, tourism agencies, hotels, restaurants and government institutions; the authoring and production of interview notes; completion of extensive article research; delivery of editorial contributions; capture and delivery of digital photographs; and the classification and cataloging of materials.

Key achievements and experience:
• Personally selected to contribute and collaborate as a photojournalist for the in-flight magazines of Aeromexico. Travelling to various international destinations in the production of feature articles and photographs for the magazines. Promoting in excess of twenty countries which the airline travelled to and displaying the main attractions of the international destinations. Delivering articles concerning: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, San Diego, Tokyo, Shanghai, Zurich, Rome, Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Madrid, Vancouver, Montreal, Tel Aviv and Seoul. Result: Completed, produced and published in excess of 35 articles which were illustrated with photographs.

2006- 2007 MTV USA
Motion Graphics Animator and Photographer
MTV is an American basic cable and satellite television channel owned by the MTV Networks Music & Logo Group. The Channel is known for music videos, reality television and the MTV Music Awards. Main tasks involved the capture, development and provision of photographs and motion graphics for MTV-LOGO.

Key achievements and experience:
• Developed several motion graphic sequences which utilised After Effects for various television commercials. Created motion graphics and visual graphics several television advertisements. Worked in conjunction with the MTV Motion Graphics team and successfully utilised After Effective, Motion, Final Cut and Photoshop in the creation of various effects. Result: The motion graphics created were utilised for a range of MTV advertising campaigns.

2006 Colorbox Productions

Motion Graphics Assistant

Colorbox is an artist driven collective which creates a range of visual content for television, web and film. Duties involved the production of motion graphics sequences, editing of videos and various aspects of digital photography production.

Key achievements and experience:
• Participating in the creation of five exclusive commercials for the MTV2 The Movement, Sucker Free the Movement. Received the assignment and planned the completion of all requirements which involved the taking of thousands of photographs. Delivered the required pictures, some of which were later used in illustrations and motion graphics effects in the production and promotion of several rap and hip-hop artists. Result: The photographs were used in five television commercials which were transmitted on MTV throughout the USA. The advertisements were projected onto the LD screens of Times Square in 2006.

2006 Publicolor
Assistant Professor of New Art Media

Publicolor's design-based programs and academic support engage at-risk youth and combat the lack of job-preparedness that fuels poverty. Responsibilities involved the delivery of the ‘Intro to Video Production and Postproduction’ and ‘Introduction to Multimedia’ classes.

Key achievements and experience:
• Motivated disadvantaged teenagers through the teaching of video production and post-production. Provided individualised academic instruction and facilitated the development of strong, marketable job skills which were transferrable between school, work and life. Enabled the creation of a series of videos based on New York City including: Harlem, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn. Result: A series of high quality videos were produced and directed by disadvantaged teenagers.

2006 NYU-TV Network
Video Editor and Motion Graphics Assistant

NYU-TV is New York University’s own television network of three closed-circuit television channels dedicated to serving the information, education, and entertainment needs of the campus community. Primary duties involved the editing of television programs regarding education and art and the provision of assistant in the delivery of postproduction and motion graphics content.

Key achievements and experience:
• Edited and added motion graphic content to several programs for NYU TV. Selected, classified, catalogued and edited all video materials. Facilitated the production of a final product for the various television programs of NYU TV. Result: Successfully edited and post-produced a range of educational television programs.

2006- 2007 Museum of the Moving Image


Museum of the Moving Image advances the public understanding and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media. Tasks involved the facilitation of several educational programs, including hands-on workshops and the demonstration and professional crafts and equipment.

Key achievements and experience:
• Provided a range of guided tours, educational screening programs and hands-on workshops on the subjects of animation and film. Delivered a variety of hands-on workshops which supported learning standards across a variety of curricular areas and acted as a supplement to the guided tours. Led hour-long workshops for students concerned with the use of programming software in the construction of a basic video game. Presented workshops for younger students regarding the science which underpins the perception of moving images. Conducted student museum tours and delivered the core exhibition Behind the Screen which immersed students in the creative process of making moving images. Delivered a variety of guided tours and effectively presented a range of professional crafts and equipment. Result: Effectively contributed personal expertise and delivered a number of efficiencies which allowed the reduction of the operating budget by 20%.

1993- 2007 3 Rios Fototeca
Co-Founder and Art Director
3 Rios Fototeca is the founder of the largest image bank of Latin America, with more than 1.5 million of photographs from five continents. This role involved: the direction of design and photography production for several magazines and publications; maintenance of article quality throughout the Company; provision of documentary photography for Getty Images; the creation of quality materials for Photodisc, Image Bank, Tony Stone and Age Stock; and the direction of the production, design and photography activities for several magazines and publishers.

Key achievements and experience:
• Drove efficiency increases within the digital photography department with a 50% reduction in operating budget. Initiated contact with a variety of new customers, including newspapers and international publishers and image banks. Offered the utilisation of the organisational image bank and facilitated the use of photographs and articles for a range of public and media activities. Managed the classification and categorisation of the digital collection of in excess of 2 million images. Leveraged previously created relationships and enabled the utilisation of photographs by corporate agencies, tourism organisations, cultural institutions, researchers and the general public. Result: The organised image bank became the largest in Latin America. Relationship development and maintenance facilitated the productions of in excess of 200 articles and reports, 35 books and participation in over 50 websites.

• Collaborated with several organisations and galleries in the exhibition of photographs throughout the world. Presented a range of photo exhibitions in various international locations, including: France, the USA, Cuba, China, Morocco, Panama, Ireland, Turkey, Honduras, Hungary, The Czech Republic, Argentina, Bulgaria, Switzerland, Spain, Guatemala, England and Belgium. Partnering with the Loreto Square and Plaza Carso Group in various exhibitions in New Zealand, Riviera Maya, Canada and Mexico. Exhibited photographs as part of the Mexican Pavilion at the Aichi World Expositions and received a silver medal.

Result: Developed an international presence through various exhibitions around the world.

• Led the organisation of files for a range of stakeholders. Ascertained the requirements of individual stakeholders and completed file organisation activities for the tourism secretariats of Morelos, Michoaca?n, Guanajuato, the Tlaxcala Institute of Culture and the Image Bank of Mexicana Airlines. Result: A variety of tourism authorities utilised organisational materials.

Exhibitions and Grants/Awards
Selected Solo Exhibitions since 2000

2018 “Ernesto Ríos CONSTELACIÓN DÉDALO”, Museo Güelu, Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
2018 “Ernesto Ríos CONSTELACIÓN TEMPUS FUGIT”, Museo de la Ciudad de Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
2017 Sismo Gallery, Constelaciones, Mexico City, Mexico.
2017 Code_of_the_forest, Centro Roberto Garza Sada, UDEM, N.L. Monterrey, Mexico.
2016 Museo Regional Cuauhnáhuac. Obra del mes. Cuernavaca, Mor. México.
2014 Maze-Lab, RMIT Design Hub, Melbourne, Australia.
2013 Reconfiguring the Labyrinth, RMIT School of Art Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2013 Ernesto Rios, Pyramidal- labyrinths, Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia. 2010 True Beauty, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth, Australia
2010 Yarra, Gallery Off the Kerb, Melbourne, Australia
2008 Labrys, Ernesto Ri?os, Museum of Contemporary Art, Morelia, Mexico.
2008 NetSpace: Viaggio nell'arte at National Museum of the XXI Century Arts in Rome, Italy 2008 El Gran Lider, Gallery C3, Melbourne, Australia.
2004 Ernesto Ri?os, Gallery Art Resources Transfer, New York
2004 Ernesto Ri?os, Fototeca de Cuba, Havana Cuba
2003 Ernesto Ri?os, International Studio & Curatorial Program, New York 2000 Disolvencias Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City, Mexico.
2000 Ernesto Ri?os, Museum Robert Brady, Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico 2000 Gallery Anima-Lo?te, Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico
2000 I was not dead, Gallery Borda, Cuernavaca, Mexico
2000 Disolvencias / Mirrors of the Memory, Center of the Image, Mexico City. Mexico.
Selected Group Exhibitions since 2000
2013 "Jamais Vu", Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2013 "Post-apocalyptic", Marenko Art Gallery, Stanford Houston, TX, United States.
2012 RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2011 RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2010 Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Awards, Postgraduate Scholarship, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2009 Diaz Castillo Gallery, Melbourne Australia
2009 RMIT Gallery, Melbourne, Australia.
2008 NewMediaFest, Digital Media at the "Centre Cultural Valencia", Valencia, Spain
2007 NetSpace: viaggio nell’arte della Rete Paesaggi elettronici.
The MAXXI_National Museum of the XXI Century Arts, Italy, Rome
2006 Spring Show, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York
2006 The Knitting Factory, ITP show, New York
2005 Live Projections, Diapason Gallery, New York
2005 Winter Show, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York
2005 Live Image Processing and Performance, ITP, New York
2005 Videos from Mexico City, Gallery Yukiko Shimada, Japan, Tokyo
2004 Spring Show, Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York
2004 Obsessions, Gallery Chirstof Haase, Germany Berlin
2004 Collective Show, Gallery Active School of photography. Mexico
2004 Contemporay Art from Morelos, Institute of Culture, Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico
2004 VI International Salon of Digital Art, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente, Havana Cuba
2004 Ernesto Rios & Makiko Gunji, Mantra Gallery, Brasil, Sao Paulo
2004 Young Contemporary Art, Gallery Margaret Devy, France, Paris
2003 Open Studio International Residence & Curatorial Program, New York
2003 Ernesto Ri?os / Roy Wasson, Pictures & Animals, Yavapai College Art Gallery Prescott Arizona. United States
2003 V International Salon of Digital Art, Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau. Havana Cuba
2003 Necrofilias, Cuauhnahuac. Cuernavaca Mor Mexico
2003 3 Ri?os, Digital Epson Gallery, Mexico City
2002 IV International Salon and Show of Digital Art, Gallery Centro Cultural Pablo de la Torriente Brau. Havana Cuba
2002 Sala de Recuperacio?n, Museum of Art Carrillo Gil, Mexico City
2002 Subasta para ayuda a los damnificados de Merida. Selection by art critic Jose? Manuel Springer, Museum of Art Carrillo Gil, Mexico City
2001 Origen de la Niebla, Museo del Carmen, Mexico
2000 Jornadas para la nivelacio?n del Oxigeno, Ex Teresa Arte Actual, Mexico City
2000 Gallery Anima? - Lo?te Arte Alternativo. Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico

Grants / Awards since 2000

2010 Siemens-RMIT Fine Art Awards, Melbourne, Australia.
2009-2013 EIPRS Scholarship. RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
2004-2006 New York University – Tisch School of the Arts Graduate Scholarship, New York, USA. 2004-2006 Grant “Scholarship for Studies in a Foreign Country”, FONCA, Mexico. Master’s Degree at New York University, ITP, New York
2003 Artistic Residence at the International Studio & Curatorial Program, Sponsor Fund for Culture and the Arts (FONCA), MEX-AM Foundation,From (February to May), New York
2000-2001 Grant in support of multimedia projects, from the National Centre for the Arts, Mexico City 2000-2001 Grant for Young Creative Artists, awarded by the State Fund for Culture and the Arts and the Institute of Culture of Morelos Mexico
2000-2004 Scholarship for Academic Excellence, CIDHEM University, Cuernavaca, Mexico


• Yavapai Art Gallery Prescott Arizona, USA
• The Henry Art Gallery, University of Washington, USA
• William Bartman, (private collection),USA
• Cultural Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau, Havana, Cuba • Fototeca de la Havana, Cuba
• Santiago Funes (private collection) France, Paris
• Museum Carrillo Gil, Mexico
• Miguel Anguel Porrua Collection, Mexico
• Jonh Spencer (private collection), Mexico
• Centro de la Imagen, Mexico

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Works published in:

National Geographic, Fortune Magazine, Elle, Marie Claire, Bon Vivant, Interval World, San Diego Tribune Newspaper, Geo Mundo Magazine, Mexico en el Tiempo, Sacbe, Time Out London, Escala (in-flight Aeromexico Magazine), De Viaje Magazine (Newspaper Reforma), Blue & Blanc Magazine, Travesias Magazine, Luna Cornea Magazine, among many others.
In addition to the travel work shots created and supplied for different companies and clients including MTV New York City. Images found at Getty Images and AGE Fotostock.

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